Top 10 Reasons to LOVE Young Living this month

I love these pretty graphics and also love the personalized email. Thanks!

  1. Have you seen those promotions? Buy me oils 0216
  2. Wintergreen essential oil has a refreshing, unique, and minty aroma that deserves a place in every collection.
  3. Patchouli essential oil may improve the appearance of dry, dull skin and is often diffused for its grounding, peaceful aroma.
  4. Premium Starter Kits are 10% off this month!February crush
  5. That’s an additional savings on an already spectacular deal! Whether you want to start with Young Living or if you’re a current member, take advantage of this special.
  6.  Oops, it’s Valentine’s month, so let’s try that again …February special valentine
  7. Only Young Living has Copaiba, an essential oil that features a unique, pleasant, exotic aroma and is an important ingredient in our Stress Away™ essential oil blend.
  8. Joy and Ylang Ylang are simply sublime combination!  Diffuse or wear these calming, relaxing and soothing fragrances for a month-long feeling of love!
  9. Too many sweets? No problem! Grapefruit Vitality deliciously supports weight-management programs when taken internally (added to water…

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